July 5, 2012

Beaujolais in June

After a full recovery from colic surgery last July, Descartes competed in his first show last month and he was a very good boy!  It was so wonderful to get him back in the show arena after such a rough year and to have him feel so good.  We still have several things to polish up in the PSG to get to where we are as competitive as I’d like to be, but he still placed 2nd in a large PSG class on the last day with a 65% . . . which would have been a 67% if I hadn’t gone “off course” and ridden perfect 3′s in my first line of tempi changes that should have been 4′s.  Oops!  So Descartes was very ridable and it was the driver that needs to learn to count a little better.

Bon Davidoff, a.k.a Bono, also competed for the first time at Donida Farm in Auburn, WA!  This is his first year of  competition and he finds all the activity at the show grounds to be so exciting that he transforms himself into the energizer bunny . . . I wish I had that much energy!

I was very proud of how he handled getting into the show arena for the first time and didn’t get spooky or silly about the usual stuff the young ones tend to get wound up about.  His first test was far from perfect but I was very happy that he tried really, really hard to be good even though he was distracted by everything in general.

On the last day of the show he went into the show arena for his second time ever to do the USEF Four Year Old Young Horse test.  Again I was very happy with how well he listened to me and did his best to do his job in the midst of a very windy day.  Although he was plenty forward he was pretty tired from the whole show weekend so he didn’t move his most spectacular but still received very respectable scores of 7 for submission, 7 for walk, 7.2 for trot, 8 for canter, and 7.5 for overall impression.

The judges definitely liked him and felt him to be a nice FEI prospect; we sure think he is!  We are looking forward to seeing Bono develop and its so much fun to see him begin to compete after getting him as a yearling.

Bono and Lauren warming up at the show

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