June 30, 2012

Welcome to our new website!

We are so excited to have launched our brand new, built from-the-ground-up website!!!  Many, many hours of hard work have gone into the making of this website by Adriel Henderson (my husband Paul’s brother).  Thankfully he took on this project and it turned into quite the production all around.

From writing code for the website to the photography/video shoot that was all done by Adriel with the help of Paul and our wonderful clients, horses, and models.  We also need to thank our wonderful barn owners Don and Jeanette for letting us traipse around their property at all hours to get just the right lighting.

As you can see from the “behind the scenes” photo, Paul was an excellent lighting specialist.  The result has been many fantastic photos and we are excited to see the video that Adriel will put together in the future.  We’ve also put a lot of thought and time into the content of our new website and making sure it represents our business well.

It has been some time since I’ve been able to keep up on blogging and now this website will allow me to pick it up again and I plan to be much more active with it!  We hope you enjoy it and take the time to browse through all the pages!

You’ll of course want to keep an eye on our “DuoStar News” page and our “Horses For Sale” page for updates.  Paul is doing all the horse sales videos and photography and you can check out the video’s he has done on Vimeo.

Descartes & Lauren with Paul holding up the reflector

‘D’ and Lauren (the white specks in the the photo is tons of tree pollen that looked like fairy dust!)

DuoStar News

The latest buzz from around the barn:

Hosted Clinics

Henrik Johansen, from Positive Riding, is one of the internationally respected trainers regularly hosted by DuoStar. Train with the best, close to home, on your own horse.